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Answers To Our Most Common Questions HERE.


When clients first hire us, many immediately think that we are their full time accountant that they can reach out to any time. With the amount of clients we have, this is just not realistic. We strive to keep our cost to you lower than the market by being efficient. If you need a higher level of service, please upgrade your plan with us.
Set Up Phase
Set up and onboarding can take time. In many cases, getting books completely dialed in can take 6 months. You will still be getting reports on a timely basis, but things can change as we learn about your business and the best way to report. Please be patient. Once set up is complete, we will update your transactional work on a regular basis. You can always access your QBO in real time to see where things are at.
Editing FIles
If you want something changed, please e-mail us what you need. When clients take on bookkeeping themselves, we have to track down what was done. This adds time and cost. We are very strict on this. Will will discontinue service with clients who edit files on their own.
If you are on a quarterly bookkeeping plan, then you get a detailed review session with us on a quarterly basis. In the meantime, we will keep your transactional work updated. We do our best to answer people's questions, but we also have to draw a line. If you need something inside of QuickBooks, you can always review files and download in real time. YouTube is a great resource. If you need something that is out of scope, you can sign up for a consulting call for an additional $150/hour.
The 'Quick Question" conundrum.
You have a question. You think it is easy for us. You desire a response right away. And we want to help. Here is the issue...
1 question takes about 15 minutes on average to answer.
Clients have about 4 questions per year. And we have 2,500 clients.
10,000 questions annually at 15 minutes is 2,500 hours of work.
If something is that important, we kindly ask that you spend the money for an hour with us.
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