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Answers To Our Most Common Questions HERE.


After many years and many clients, we have developed a system that works well for us. We have several requirements of all of our clients to make both of our lives easier. If our requirements doe not suit your situation, we apologize, but you should seek help from another office.
1. Quickbooks Online
We require all of our clients use Quickbooks Online. We can set this up for you if you do not have it. The cost of the software (Our discounted rate starts @ $35/month) is not included and will be added to your monthly fee.
2. 'View Only' Bank Access
You don't want to download and send monthly statements. And we don't have to capacity to constantly ask. You will need to contact your bank and set us up with 'View Only' or other access that allows us to login and download your monthly bank and credit card statements. We can not set this up for you.
3. Bank Account On File
We bill up front monthly. Once we have set you up on monthly billing, we will walk you through the setup process step by step. If you Credit Card declines for any reason, we will stop bookkeeping immediately until a new payment method is received.
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