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Thank you for choosing San Diego Taxman. We pride ourselves on great customer service, expert tax advice, and reasonable prices. Please take the time to prepare your documents properly before dropping off. This allows us to turn around everyone’s files faster. Failure to to observe the following will result in a $150 admin fee to prepare your documents, although we usually give you one warning first ;)

Thanks for your understanding.

  • Best time to drop off docs is between 10AM – 3PM Monday – Saturday.
  • Please prepare your documents properly:
    • No staples. Use paper clips.
    • No sticky notes. We know what the forms are for :)
    • No mail envelopes. We re not the postal service.
    • No multi slot file binders.
    • Do not write notes on outside of envelopes. Prepare a one page to submit with your documents.
  • Organize your documents in the following order. We’ll handle the rest.
    • Information Page if needed
    • Income
    • Expenses
    • Anything else you are unsure of
  • We do not handle bookkeeping. No receipts will be handled. Add them up in advance and submit a summary doc with expense totals.

WHAT OUR BEST CLIENTS DO: Yes, we take notes :)

  • Use paperclips because they realize every document has to be scanned and pulling out staples is brutal.
  • Add up receipts in advance.
  • Allow 1 week from the time of drop off until reaching out for updates.
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