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1. Why haven’t I received my refund yet?

Get information about your refund via Track My Refund. Unfortunately, we can not contact the IRS on your behalf. If the information you are looking for is not available, you will have to contact them directly.

2. How do I get copies of my old returns ?

Now you can get copies without having to contact us. Learn More

3. Is the filing deadline extended in 2021?

Yes. The personal filing deadline has been extended until May 17th. Our office is busy. If you want to file on time, please have your documents to us by May 7th. If we are unable to finish your returned on time, you will be extended.

4. What happens if I file an extension?

A tax extension allows you extra time tile file, BUT THE IRS AND STATE GOVERNMENTS STILL EXPECT YOU TO PAY YOUR TAXES ON TIME! If you expect to owe taxes, it is important to make an estimated payment by the filing deadline using the links below. Once you finish filing during the extension period, you can handle the difference in taxes owed.

Federal Payments

California Payments

5. Do you have another question ?

Contact us here. If your question gets asked enough, we will post it to this section in the future.

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