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Answers To Our Most Common Questions HERE.


  1. Make sure to use our dedicated link at This is our own private and secure transfer link.

  2. Make sure to upload from a desktop computer. There have been problems uploading from mobile Devices.
  3. Wait for a confirmation from our team. If you have not received confirmation AFTER 72 HOURS, please reach out to to check in.
  4. If you are less computer savvy, watch THIS VIDEO before you upload.

WHAT OUR BEST CLIENTS DO: Yes, we take notes :)

  • Wait until you have a majority of your documents ready. Sending in documents early and incomplete doesn’t not move you up in line and creates more work for us.
  • Include a 1 pager with following information:
    • Current Mailing Address
    • Banking Info Updates
      • ┬áIf same as last year, confirm last 4 of account #.
      • If new, send full routing and bank account #.
    • Any concerns, questions, or major updates you have.
  • Upload all documents in a single transfer. Uploading 1 by 1 creates more work for our team.
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