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Dennis O’Connor

Dennis was born and raised in San Diego. He got his start in accounting at an early age, filing returns for his family and friends from the age of 16. Dennis’s problem-solving bug followed him to college, where he began to take on friends and roommates’ tax returns to make extra money during school. He graduated from University of California – Santa Barbara with a degree in business and economics, with an emphasis in accounting.

After college, Dennis went to work for one of San Diego’s largest private CPA firms – Considine & Considine. Though family and friends were impressed by his early career success, his adventurous nature led him to leave the company and travel. Over the course of three years, Dennis visited more than 20 countries, even making the drive from San Diego to Costa Rica over a 5-month period. Every year, Dennis made a point to make it back home for tax season. He then did some consulting work for Westcore Industrial Properties and started the financial analysis division for BRE Commercial (now Cassidy Turley). After spending some time in commercial real estate while continuing to grow his seasonal side business, Dennis felt like he had a strong enough clientele and the drive that he needed to take on his tax practice full-time. In 2004, he found an office suite and started San Diego Taxman. Since then, the office has grown and moved locations multiple times. San Diego Taxman has serviced thousands of happy clients.

San Diego Taxman is a unique firm, in its approach to client education and compliance services. The company has a wide range of clients from NFL coaches, athletes, and cage fighters to local business owners, real estate investors, developers, consultants and more. Dennis prides himself in his ability to put a personal touch on every client’s needs.

Dennis likes the energy and enthusiasm he brings to the tax world, getting rid of the “stiff and daunting taxman” image many people have of professionals in the industry. Dennis’s ability to speak in simple layman’s terms is a unique skill that he shares with his clients and that has made him a sought-after media expert. For Dennis, the biggest perk of his job is having satisfied clients who leave his office more educated and with less weight on their shoulders than when they walked in. He looks forward to the relief his work gives his clients.

Dennis has more than 20 years of experience in tax compliance and advisory services for individuals and small businesses. Having founded and participated in multiple companies with combined annual revenue

in excess of $10M and staff of over 200 individuals, as well as owning and developing residential and commercial real estate both domestically and abroad. You may be able to find someone with more letters at the end of their name, but unlikely to find someone with more real-world experience when it comes to creating efficient and effective workflows, using technology and integrated solutions to save time, developing best practices, and bringing positive change to your business and personal financial situation. Dennis specializes in advisory, tax, and operational workflow.

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