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Oskar Beckmann

Dear clients,

Effective October 1st 2022, I will be making some significant changes to my personal practice. Please read through carefully.

Over the course of the last several years, the amount of tax changes, client questions, and individual requests has grown exponentially. In the interest of providing a better level of customer service, I am going to be changing my fees and requirements for my client moving forward. The goal is to reduce the amount of clients to those I can provide value to and increase the level of service each of my clients receive. If these fees no longer work for you, I understand. You will need to seek another tax office moving forward. Please read through my fee structures as well as expectations below.


I will be breaking up services into categories moving forward…


Maintenance – This includes Tax Returns, Bookkeeping, Payroll, and any additional numbers works that needs to be done through out the year.

In the case of maintenance…

  • You submit the requested documents
  • We ask questions needed in order to make sure the work is done correctly.
  • If you have additional questions that fall outside of us getting the work done, this falls under advisory services below.

Maintenance Pricing – All maintenance work will be quoted annually based on documents submitted. My minimum engagement for tax preparation is $350. This will be for basic returns. Once your documents are submitted, I will review and give an accurate quote before proceeding.

Additional Fees:

  • Extensions – $75
  • Estimated Payments for tax extension – $75
  • Late Fee: $250. This will be applied to any ‘rush work’ done. Any tax files started less than 1 month in advance of the deadline will be considered late

Consulting – Many of your have one off projects that need attention, businesses that need review, etc. I will do this work for an hourly rate, which is now $250/hour.

Advisory – This is tax education. Many of you want to learn about taxes. This is great and I wish I could give this to everyone for free. With the complexity of the tax code and the amount of requests, each ‘Quick Question’ or ‘Advice’ request adds up to a lot of time. If you wish to learn about taxes, I will be offering ‘Advisory’ packages based on what you wish to learn. These packages range in price and average about $400/hour.

Expectations From Clients

Taxes can be stressful. For both the client and the preparer. The key to avoiding this stress is preparation, communication, and patience. Please abide by the following protocols to help my and my team serve you better.

Remote Service: Our team is moving to full remote service. You will have to submit your documents online, and handle review sessions via zoom. If this does not work for you, I am not longer the right preparer for you.

Submitting documents – Please submit the bulk of your documents in one upload. Sending them to use one by one when they come in is hard to track. We need your documents before March 15th. Wait until you get most of them, and upload at once. If you are waiting on a final document or two, send us the majority of what you have and let us know you are still waiting on additional items.

Extensions: If you know you need an extension, let us know. Extensions require work. We charge a minimal fee. These do not count towards future tax preparation.

Response Times: Please allow up to 72 hours for a reply. E-mailing us every 24 hours asking for updates does not help anyone. It is more work for us, and slows down the actual work we need to do. Patience is a requirement to continue working with me.

Late Filings: I no longer have the capacity to stay up 16 hours a day rushing through tax returns. If you documents are submitted after March 15th, you will likely be extended. If it is necessary to get your return done in time, there will be significant late fees added. These start at $250 and will go up closer to the deadline.

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